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BALLAD OF NIGEL WILLIAMS : Damn Tall Buildings | The Loft Sessions Spring Collection 2014

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Toegevoegd by Cabaretfan in Cabaretiers (BE) Nigel Williams
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"Ballad of Nigel Williams" By Damn Tall Buildings
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"Soon Ah Will Be Done" by William L. Dawson

We're thrilled to present the second video from our Spring 2014 Collection with you, featuring Damn Tall Buildings; a guerrilla-roots band, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts.

Banjo: Jordan Alleman
Fiddle: Avery Ballotta
Bass: Sasha Dubyk
Lead/Guitar: Max Capistran

Produced by: Evan Chapman
Orchestrated/Arranged by: Evan Chapman
Musical Director: Caitlin Banks

Conductor: Caitlin Banks

--Audio/Mix Team--
Matt Peiffer
Billy Centenaro

Mastered by: Billy Centenaro

--Video Team--
Kevin Greene
Drew Gilbert
Teo Karakolev
Esteban Calderon
Jordan King
Evan Chapman

Edited by: Evan Chapman

Jessie Putnam
Rebecca Englehardt
Eva Gertz
Marina Maiztegui
Celia Tow
Lana Scott
Melissa Johnston

Lindsay Pennington
Jess Disraeli
Laura Edwards
Emily Moran
Julia Balit
Caitlin Gjerdrum

Johannes Flecker
Jeremy Matticks
Heath Hyman
Sanchitha Wickremesooriya

Ryan LaForest
Kevin Flood
Matt Grina

TJ Liquori
Elliott Von Wendt

Kailey Shaffer
Avery Ballotta
Adessa Campbell
Jenna Moynihan
Seung Hoon Lee
Sandra Choephel
Gabriel Dubreuil
Eden Forman
Elizabeth Anderson

Lydia Luce
Wesley Coleman

Ro Rowan
Ian Legge
Bradley Allen Robertson
David Tangney

Daniel McCallum
Aaron Laio

Elena Bonomo (Timpani/Chime/Aux)

Our deepest gratitude goes to the incredible team at Audio Technica and The Record Company for facilitating this special project.

In addition, we would like to thank Gus Sebring, Keith Lockhart, and Owen Young for collaborating with us. It was a joy to have worked with you.

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