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Toon Hermans - ''Als De Liefde Niet Bestond''- ''If Love Wouldn't Exist''


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Toegevoegd by Cabaretfan in Cabaretiers (NL) Toon Hermans
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A beautiful Dutch song by Toon Hermans..''Als de Liefde niet bestond'' ..''If love wouldn't exist''
English translation of the lyrics by MENNO1977
If love wouldn't exist
The rivers, they would stand still
So would the birds and other species
If love wouldnt exist...

If love wouldnt exist
The beach would leave behind the sea
Since they wouldn't have anything left to talk about
If love wouldn't exist...

If love wouldnt exist
The moon would no longer lighten
No poet would longer write poetry
If love wouldn't exist....

Nowhere flowers to be found
The earth would be discoloured
Closed doors everywhere
And the clock would no longer sound....

If love wouldn't exist
Making love would be spoiled
The world would soon be left deserted
If love wouldn't exist....

If love wouldn't exist
The sun would no longer shine
The wind would no longer breathe
If love wouldn't exist....

No apple would ripen anymore
As once in paradise
If we don't understand each other any longer
The world would be as cold as ice....

I would die from the cold
And my breath would freeze
If I would lose your love
Without you there is no love

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